Sinai Temple has a one hundred year old tradition of beauty, excellence, and creativity in its synagogue music. The founders of Sinai Temple considered the quality of their music very important to their service and it has remained so throughout Sinai’s history. Please scroll below and find solo and ensemble tracks that were recorded by Cantor Gole for this project. The synagogue is unique in its quality of music. Music composed and premiered at Sinai Temple has found it’s way into synagogues throughout the country and world.

01 – Hineni (Meir Finkelstein) Cantor Joseph Gole, Aryell Cohen and the Sinai Temple Choir


Hineni is one of the most dramatic moments of the High Holiday services. This prayer is recited by the Hazzan prior to the Musaph Service on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The hazzan approaches the bimah (pulpit) from the back of the synagogue and asks God to accept his prayers on behalf of the congregation.
Cantor Joseph Gole had played a significant role in the life of Sinai Temple. He was the cantor of Sinai Temple from 1972-1982, and then returned in 2000.
The accompanist is Aryell Cohen, beloved organist, choral director, and teacher for over thirty years.
“In deep humility, I stand and plead before You, God, unworthy of my sacred task. Please hear my prayers on behalf of my community…”

2 – Musaph Kaddish (Joseph Gole) Cantors Joseph Gole, Arianne Brown, and the Sinai Temple Choir


Cantor Joseph Gole wrote this composition for his son David’s Bar Mitzvah. Based on a Mozart melody, the major mode leads us into our Musaph Amidah.
“Let it be great, let it be holy, God’s great name – in the world created by divine will, which God will rule in sovereignty.

3 – Kol Nidrei (Meir Finkelstein) Cantor Joseph Gole and the Sinai Temple Choir


Perhaps the most solemn and moving moment of the year, Kol Nidrei is recited three times on the eve of Yom Kippur. Kol Nidrei is a legal formula absolving us of all vows and promises. The music belies the text in its depth of meaning and emotion.
“May all vows between ourselves and God be annulled. May we be absolved and released of them.”

4 – Sim Shalom (Meir Finkelstein) Lesley Wolman, Cantor Joseph Gole and the Sinai Temple Choir


This duet is part of our Neliah service and is sung at the conclusion of Yom Kippur. Lesley Wolman is a professional singer and an active member of Sinai Temple.
“Grant peace on earth, goodness and blessing, grace, kindness and mercy for us and all Israel, your people. Bless us all, O source of life, as one in the light of your presence. For in the light of your face you gave us, Sovereign God, the Torah of Life and love and kindness, and righteousness and blessing and mercy and life and peace.”

5 – Sh’ma Koleinu (Max Helfman) Cantor Joseph Gole


Max Helfman, one of the most important liturgical composers ever, was also the choir director at Sinai from 1955-1961. We use many of his compositions to this day, such as Sh’ma Koleinu, and the Uvashofar Gadol that we sing on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur mornings.
“Hear our voices of God, have compassion and mercy for us and receive our prayers and supplication…”

6 – V’al Kulam (Meir Finkelstein) Cantors Joe Gole, Arianne Brown and the Sinai Temple Choir


This duet, arranged by Chris Hardin, is one of Sinai Temple’s favorites.
“For all these things may Your name be blessed and exalted, always and forever. All the living will thank you and they will proclaim Your name in truth.”

7 – L’dor Vador (Meir Finkelstein) Hannah, David and Cantor Joseph Gole


Another favored duet of Neilah featuring my daughter Hannah, and my son, David.
“From generation to generation, we will declare Your greatness, and to all Eternity, we will proclaim Your holiness. We will never cease praising You, for You are a great and holy god and Sovereign.”

8 – A Prayer for Israel (arr. Chris Hardin) Cantor Joseph Gole and the Sinai Temple Choir


This is a medley performed by Cantor Gole in November of 2006 for the Los Angeles General Assembly National Meeting of 5,000 delegates including Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Omert.

9 – L’dor Vador (Meir Finkelstein) Cantor Joseph Gole and the Sinai Temple Choir


Anyone who comes to our Shabbat morning service can tell that L’dor Vador is a special and holy moment in our congregation.
“From generation to generation, we will declare Your greatness, and to all Eternity, we will proclaim Your holiness. We will never cease praising You, for You are a great and holy God and Sovereign.”

10 – B’yado (Craig Taubman) Cantors Joseph Gole and Arianne Brown


This composition, drawing on the last stanza of Adon Olam, was written originally for our own Friday Night Live by Craig Taubman. We decided to approach this arrangement completely differently than usually performed. We hope you like it!
“My soul I give to You, my spirit in Your care. Draw me near, I shall not fear, safely in Your hand.”

11 – Encore – Our Love is Here to Stay (George Gershwin) Cantor Joseph Gole and Chris Hardin

Our Love is Here to Stay

Our member, Don Rickles, hosted an evening with his friends to raise money for the Rickles Gym. Frank Sinatra was supposed to appear but canceled at the very last minute. I was asked to sing and chose this selection. Tony Bennett let me use his orchestra arrangement that evening. It conveys my love for all of you. Thank you. JG

Produced by Cantor Joseph Gole – Executive Producer Chris Hardin – Recorded and mixed at Studio City Sound by Joseph Gole, Chris Hardin and Tom Weir. Graphic Design and layout by Rick Lupert – Cover image by Sara Stem, Liner notes by Cantors Joseph Gole and Arianne Brown. Special Thanks to Cantors Chayim Frenkel and Meir Finkelstein.
Arianne Brown, Aryell Cohen, Meir Finkelstein, Lieb Glanz, Caren Glasser, David Gole, Hannah Gole, Joseph Gole, Rickie Gole, Chris Hardin, Dale Schatz, Craig Taubman, Carl Urstein, Tom Weir, Lesley Wolman
Arianne Brown, Shelly Fox, Lauri Goldenhersch, Rickie Gole, David Larsen, Michael McLish, George Sterne, Gabriel Wyner

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