Personal Invitation…..

I want to personally extend an invitation to you. Please join me this coming Shabbat morning, May 12th, at Kehillat Maarav. I will be leading the service with Rabbi Michael Gotlieb, a very dear friend. The service begins at 9:30 and ends at 12:00. I will be singing from the beginning and throughout the service. The service is very participatory and unaccompanied. I know you will enjoy the intimacy and informality combined with the unique sense of community the service offers. The sanctuary is small and the feeling is intimate and warm. I am very excited about my participation in this service.

It would be great if you could join me. Your friendship and support mean a lot and your attendance would be really inspiring. I have provided the synagogues web page address for your convenience:


The address is 1715 21st Street, Santa Monica. It is right off of Olympic Boulevard.

See you on Shabbat morning. Warmest regards, Joe


  1. Donald Morris (HM) says:

    Dear Rabbi Gole (lol)
    We couldn’t believe our good luck in having heard you chant and lead the singing at HM yesterday. When you started the improvisation, my heart melted like butter mixed with candle wax. Even without that moving segment, the entire service was a splendid and spiritually uplifting experience of the first order. I am going to tell the front office that they will have to refund my dues and I am suing them for emotional distress and other damages unless they make you an offer that you cannot refuse!

    1. Joe Gole says:

      Thank you for your message. It is very fulfilling for me to daven and inspire. Your message confirms my desire to be of service to my community. Thank you again. Warmest regard, Joe

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